So, just who or what is masfiction?  If you speak some Spanish, you’ll know that “mas” means “more”.  In some ways, that’s not so far from true. masfiction is the nexus point for a spousal writing team. An aside here: we like the term spousal writing team as opposed to the more traditional ‘husband & wife’. Spousal correctly describes our relationship as a whole and how we write – as equal partners.  Our guiding principal is “The person with the best idea leads.”

We live in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest on a modest parcel of wooded ground with two big dogs and a very spoiled cat. Our interests and pursuits are as varied and eclectic as the posts you’ll find on this blog.

Wait! We forgot to answer the first question. Thank heavens the proctor hasn’t told us to down our pencils yet!

MAS stands for Michelle Annalisa Scott  – our pen name or, for those of you with more erudite sensibilities, our nom de plume. (That’s really a nod to our friend Richard who hails from just outside Paris.) MA Scott writes a lot of things but right now she’s working on a Steampunk retelling; no, a re-imagining of Jane Austin’s Mansfield Park. What fun to take a classic epic and ‘punk’ it up!!


So now you’ve been warned. Follow this blog for random thoughts about life, language, pets and how they lower (raise?) your blood pressure, cooking (Caution! We like spicy things!), beading, gardening and roses. Yes, roses are a separate category from gardening. We’ll introduce you to hugelkultur as time goes on. Go ahead, Google it now! It’s fascinating!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear MAS,
    A note of thanks for your kind words about my artwork and the associated link to my site. I’ve received photos from others who’ve planted my ornaments in their yard but this is the first time that a customer has so generously promoted my work on their own site! It’s also nice to know the ornament you chose has found a good home. 🙂
    Chris Rich
    Rich Glass Studio

    • It is a pleasure to promote such a talented and personable artist. Hope to see you the next time we’re in Portland. Was good to see you doing well at the Marketplace last month.

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